Saturday, September 1, 2012


Picture of Zucchini
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd x
Age: 4-5 years old
Colour: Black/Cream
Hair: Short
Bigger Medium Size
Medical Notes

Zucchini is near Richmond.

Zucchini loves human attention and is just really calm, she doesn't get hypo and definitely prefers people over any other animal, just likes to be by yourside getting a pat.

She is fine with the cats unless they swipe at her or take off, she can sit next to one and be fed treats with them. If they swipe, she will chase them but hasn't harmed them or looked like she would. She loves my older son, wary of my younger son as he is a bit excitable and unpredictable. But even if he surprises her, she's fine, and doesn't react other than move away.

She isn't quite housetrained yet, but getting there. Knows basic commands such as sit, but won't stay yet. Follows house rules and is really smart getting things quickly, like not bolting through the back door when we go in or out etc. Doesn't bark... unless the cat deserves it.

Zucchini loves tummy rubs and one on one time more than anything. She can be a bit rough taking treats but we are working on that, she has improved dramatically considering she was almost taking off my fingers when she arrived. Treat time is probably the only time she can get over excited so I am making it a calm experience.

She's wonderful on the lead, but takes off when off leash. When she first arrived she was trying to dart out the front door or gate whenever someone opened it but we have got her behaving now, she just sits back.... however yesterday she tried to just follow me out the front door and I have no doubt she would have bolted to go and have some fun, so some secure fencing and home is a must for when she is settling in.

Zucchini loves the crate and I can close the door and leave her for ages chewing a bone or just chilling.

Contact Information
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