Monday, September 10, 2012


Picture of Kilo
Sex: Female
Breed: Kelpie
Age: 10 Months Old
Colour: Red/Tan
Hair: Short
Medium Size
Medical Notes

Kilo is near Richmond.

Kilo is really clever, considering she arrived as a nervous little bundle, she has come right out of her shell and with appropriate training by someone with experience, I think she would be such a wonderful faithful companion. She can get over excited really quickly but then calmed just as quick if you just touch her.

One on one she is really easy to keep calm, treat and train but she gets a bit overwhelmed with the other dogs there and jumps around being an idiot. She still has very sharp teeth and is enjoying destroying things, she is a bit nippy when not kept calm, as in she will bite your fingers to get a treat or even just nip your fingers to try and get attention - but we are working on this.

Gets along with the cats, she's pretty much the same as Zucchini in the way of, if they ignore her she will ignore them... or chase them and bark if they aren't playing nice. Recall is really really good, only time she won't come straight to you is if she is scared. I don't mean to scare her but sometimes my shout out to come must be a bit deep. I just heighten my tone and she wiggles her bum all the way to you.... so she is quite sensitive.

Kilo is best suited in a home where the family have the time to train her as she can get over excited and bored easily... however she is just so smart and picks things up really quickly.

Kilo is currently being housetrained, crate trained, and lead trained. She is good on the lead surprisingly, considering I was the first to ever put her on one.

Contact Information
If you'd like to adopt Kilo, please complete our Adoption Enquiry.

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