Saturday, June 23, 2012


Picture of Mozart
Sex: Male
Breed: Small Crossbreed
Age: 4 months old
Colour: Tan
Hair: Short

Medical Notes

Mozart is near Narellan.

Mozart (or, Mozzie as he is nicknamed) is an incredibly sweet little boy, who gets excited about absolutely everything. The first day he got home, he almost wet himself at the sight of his new bed and all his toys. Even now that he has settled into our home, he still gets excited in the mornings when we wake him up, or when it's time for a cuddle, or when the wind changes...

From what we've seen, Mozzie hasn't been on a lead much in his life, which he is slowly adjusting to. He tends to freeze up a bit when he's out in the big world - but weighing in at just 4kgs, I'd imagine everything is a bit daunting to him, if he's never been allowed to opportunity to see it before.

Mozzie is dog friendly but takes exception to big dogs jumping all over him. But even then, he will only let out his manly bark (or, okay, we just tell him it's manly), and after a few minutes of proper introduction, he'll be off playing. He's very people orientated, loves cuddles, and just wants to be with you. Saying that, he's very good when left alone, and is crate trained - he actually took to his crate like a fish to water and absolutely loves him own personal space.

Contact Information
If you'd like to adopt Mozart, please complete our Adoption Enquiry.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

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