Monday, April 2, 2012


Picture of Quidditch
Sex: Male
Breed: Staffy
Age: 3.5 years old
Colour: Brindle/White
Hair: Short

Medium Size Medical Notes

Quidditch is near Botany.

Quidditch is an absolute delight to have in our home. He's such a pleasure to be around and a real character. He's almost always smiling and when he's not smiling, he's concentrating on eating!

He is absolutely fine with being left alone for periods of time and is not noisy at all. However, while he does sleep in a crate, he panics if the crate is locked. Other than that, he is happy to call that space his own and tuck himself up when we leave the house or go to bed.

Quidditch is a typical 'staffy talker,' and will always let you know when he wants (or needs) to do something. He is dog friendly and always wants to go play with other dogs, but his play style can be a little dominant at times (a paw over the back of another dog, etc). He's been told off by a couple of dogs for doing that and has reacted well to that.

Quidditch has never been a big toy player. He is always much more interested in playing games with people or other dogs, rather than objects. However, he does have a large treat ball that we fill with kibble, and he enjoys working that challenge out.

All in all, Quidditch is a beautiful, lovely natured boy, who would do well with a family who can give him the love, exercise, and companionship he deserves.

PLEASE NOTE: Quidditch is a dog of routine. When his routine is changed, he can become very anxious and stressed. Because of this, we will put a plan of action in place for his transition from his foster home into his forever home, with dedicated adopters. Once he is settled, he will show his true - and beautiful - nature, but the transition will be harder on him than most dogs.

Contact Information
If you'd like to adopt Quidditch, please complete & return our Adoption Enquiry.

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