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Friday, February 25, 2011

"Can't Keep This Dog. He Clashes With My Curtains"

When you find the perfect colour scheme, it’s important to stick to it.

And one woman was so determined to maintain her co-ordinated decor that she returned a rescue dog to kennels – because he clashed with her living room curtains.

The house-proud woman, who has not been named, visited Harvey the Jack Russell in a rescue centre several times before taking him home.

But later the same day, she called to say that there was a problem with the ginger and white dog because he didn’t go with her curtains. Two days later, she returned Harvey to the Jasmil Kennels and Cattery in Lower Halstow, near Sittingbourne, Kent.

Kennel boss Barry Shuttleworth said he was ‘horrified’ when the woman, in her late 40s, gave such a trivial reason for handing back the three-year-old pet.

His wife Corrina, 38, added that there had been a spate of dogs being returned for ‘ridiculous reasons’, such as a labrador who ‘wouldn’t bark’ and another pet who was judged ‘not cuddly enough’.

She said: ‘In Harvey’s case the woman was in the kennels looking for a dog when Harvey was brought in as a stray.

‘She fell in love with him straight away and visited him for seven days before being allowed to take him home.

‘The day she took him home, she called us up and said there was a problem with Harvey as his colouring clashed with her lounge curtains. We told her to put him in another room, but two days later she brought him back and said she had spent a lot of money on her curtains and that she didn’t want Harvey any more.’

Mr Shuttleworth, 42, added: ‘Some people just don’t think about why they want a dog, and they need to so that so many dogs don’t end up unwanted.

‘I would urge people to consider the implications of rehoming a dog before deciding on any action.’


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dog Risks His Life To Stay With His Friend

Dogs are noted for their loyalty to their owners, but this one shows extreme dedication to one of his own kind.

On the busy Dazhi road in China, where his companion has been knocked down by a car and vehicles zoom past, a dog risks his life to look after his stricken friend.

With horns honking and despite the terrifying sights and sounds of the traffic, the golden-coloured dog stays put, standing guard to protect his fallen friend.
Doggone: The faithful dog lies by his dead friend, who has been knocked over on the busy Chinese road

Doggone: The faithful dog lies by his dead friend, who has been knocked over on the busy Chinese road

Earlier this week the first dog was struck on the Dazhi road and died from his wounds.

But thanks to the loyal help of the other dog, the first was picked up by a passer-by, who buried him.

Once his job was done, having seen the man carefully pick up his dead mate, the unhurt dog bounded off to safety.

This story is reminiscent of the tale of Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye Terrier who became known in 19th-century Edinburgh after reportedly spending 14 years guarding the grave of his owner, John Gray, until he died himself on 14 January 1872.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Help Your New Dog Settle In

So you've just adopted a dog? That's awesome. But don't go dragging that dog around everywhere you go. Mazeltov needs to be settled in first (because you have named him Mazeltov. Go with it, it's a thing...). Adjusting to a new home can be extremely stressful for a dog and not all will settle immediately. But never fear, it will happen!

Imagine you've just been dumped by your family. Or maybe you lost your way and they can't find you. Now imagine you're in a cage, with people screaming next to you, hungry, scared, and alone. Now you've just been scooped away by strangers and put in a completely new environment... and it smells weird.

Congrats. You feel just like little Mazeltov. You're stressed.

Give your adopted dog time to adjust. Let him settle in, get used to your home and his new surroundings. Take him for walks, by all means, but avoid big crowded places such as dog parks for the first couple of weeks. Minimise his contact with other people and dogs.

You and your family need to bond with the newest member.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pet Shelter In Doghouse

CLARENCE Valley Council has given Happy Paws Animal Haven a 28-day order to stop operating because it is housing too many dogs, signalling the start of a fresh round of operational dramas for the animal sanctuary.

Happy Paws proprietor Sally Rogers admitted her current population of 24 dogs does exceed her licence number of six but said the licensed number was below what the property and area could comfortably support.

“As a private owner on land zoned rural I can keep as many dogs as I like, but the council considers me a temporary foster carer and recommended I get a licence,” she said.

Ms Rogers received the council order on Thursday. Council also wants structural adjustments to Ms Rogers’ driveway, extending it into a dual carriageway over part of its length.


Picture of Dakota
Sex: Female
Breed: Crossbreed (possibly Doberman blend)
Age: 11 weeks old
Colour: Black/Tan
Hair: Short


Picture of Arizona
Sex: Female
Breed: Small Crossbreed
Age: 15 weeks old
Colour: Tan
Hair: Short


Picture of Knox
Sex: Male
Breed: Medium Crossbreed
Age: 12 weeks old
Colour: Tan (with black ridge)
Hair: Short


Picture of Denver
Sex: Male
Breed: Medium Crossbreed
Age: 12 weeks old
Colour: Tricolour
Hair: Short


Picture of Boston
Sex: Male
Breed: Medium Crossbreed
Age: 12 weeks old
Colour: Yellow/White
Hair: Short

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poison Baits Eaten In Park

ZENA is the victim of a dog act - an unknown killer who left poison-soaked bait in a park.

Two dogs died on Tuesday after eating poison left in a park in Earlwood in Sydney's west and Zena was left clinging to life.

Police fear a child will be the next victim if the culprit is not found. "This is a seriously dangerous activity, to leave harmful poison in a public park that could end up in the hands of anyone," a police spokesman said.

Owner Susie Griffin described it as the most horrific experience of her life when, moments after her 10-year-old labrador Maggie ingested the blue substance, she began frothing at the mouth and convulsing.

"She was head-butting me and I looked down and she was frothing ... she was pleading with me to help her but there was nothing I could do," a teary Ms Griffin said.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Certificate - Help The Flood Appeal

Melt your Valentine's heart this Valentine’s Day…..

14th February 2011

Instead of giving flowers or chocolates, which will only last a short time, why not consider a Valentine Certificate, which will raise funds to help the animals of the flood and cyclone disaster!

Click on this link to see our gorgeous Valentine Certificate!

Click on this link to see details and complete a Valentine Certificate Order Form.

Don't forget to check out Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption's Animal Flood Appeal.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"I Love You" - Renbury Talking Dog

So me and fellow foster carer went to Renbury Farm Animal Shelter today to pick up a couple of six week old puppies (photos and profiles to come) but couldn't leave without giving the dogs their treats. We came across one little Staffy, who had been through the wars, who just wanted to have a conversation with us.

There are so many dogs at the Pound that need loving homes. If you want to see more of them, visit Rebury's website directly, or maybe take a trip out there.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Not Cool To Leave Dogs In Hot Cars

Every summer the RSPCA is inundated with calls from concerned citizens alerting us to animals that have been left or locked in hot cars. The RSPCA cannot stress enough that it takes just six minutes or less for an animal to suffer severe heat exhaustion in a car and die.

Tests conducted by Melbourne’s Metropolitan Ambulance Service on a 29 degree day with the car’s air conditioning having cooled the interior to a comfortable 20 degrees showed it took just 10 minutes for the temperature to more than double to 44 degrees. In a further 10 minutes it had tripled to a deadly 60.2 degrees. As with humans, exposure to these types of temperatures can be extremely dangerous.

Dogs are particularly at risk as they cool themselves by panting. If the air around them is too hot - particularly if they don’t have access to water - dogs are physically unable to regulate their body temperature. In the time it takes to pick up a few things for dinner at the supermarket and get through the check-out, a dog left in a hot car could have already died an agonising death.

RSPCA Victoria also urges pet owners to not leave an animal on the back of a utility without adequate shade, shelter and water. Again, animals left in these conditions can quickly suffer from severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. If you know that you will most likely be away from your pet, even for a couple of minutes, while you are out, it is much better to leave an animal at home where they are comfortable and have access to water than leave it alone in a car. Even if parked in the shade, the temperature inside a car on a summer’s day can reach hazardous levels.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yasi: No Pets At Evacuation Centers

SIX evacuation centres will open in and around Cairns early tomorrow to take in people ahead of Cyclone Yasi's arrival.

Authorities want people who are forced to leave their homes to stay with family and friends, but say not everyone has that option.

Cairns Regional Council says those who have no alternative can go to evacuation centres to open from 6am (AEST) at:

- Redlynch High School

- James Cook University

- Smithfield State High School

- Babinda RSL

- Mossman Community Indoor Sports Centre

- Woree State High School

Conditions at the centres will be spartan, with evacuees urged to bring their own bedding, food and medications.

No pets will be allowed at the centres, the council said.

Yasi is expected to hit as a severe category four storm around Cairns about 1am (AEST) on Thursday, bringing very destructive winds, torrential rain and causing storm surges.


100 Huskies Shot & Stabbed

Picture: AFP

ONE hundred husky dogs were slaughtered after the 2010 Winter Olympics because they were no longer needed to pull tourist sleds at a Canadian ski resort.

The killings were reportedly carried out over two days in April by one worker with a shotgun and a knife, with reports of injured dogs crawling out of a mass grave.

The dogs were killed because business slumped in the two months after the Games and they were no longer needed by tourism companies Outdoor Adventures and Howling Dogs, which sell dog-sled rides to tourists, reports said.

"We've opened a police file and assigned an investigator," Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair said.

The case came to light on Monday after the worker claimed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of killing the dogs and was reportedly awarded compensation.

Marcie Moriarty of the Society for Prevention of Animal Cruelty, the lead agency in the investigation, said: "The way he describes [in the board's report] multiple shots and faces blown off and coming back on a second day is gruesome. The way this employee describes it, it's a massacre. These dogs were killed in front of other dogs that were all tied up."

The man's personal injury lawyer Cory Steinberg said: "It wasn't always a clean, one-shot kill. He ended up seeing and having to put the end to some horrific scenes."

A spokeswoman for the law firm refused to comment on the criminal investigation and Outdoor Adventures did not return repeated calls.

The company's website, with photos of huskies and sleds, continues to advertise dog sled rides.


Pets Paradise Giving Tree 2010

A heads up to rescue groups: Paradise Retail Holdings Pty Ltd (Pets Paradise) are continuing to claim an alliance with rescue through their Xmas Giving Tree. These donations will have either been made through a Pets Paradise store, or their sister company Pet Goods Direct;

From: (
Subject: Christmas Gift Tree Appeal

Please see attached for a list of charities that gratefully accepted donations from our Christmas Gift Tree Appeal last year.

Kind regards,


Roselands – Sydney Dog’s Home
Rouse Hill – Paws and Hooves
Parramatta – Animal Welfare League
Mt Druitt – Hawks Repound
Macarthur Square – Campbelltown Pound
Lakehaven – Hunter Animal Shelter
Blacktown – Blacktown Animal Holding Facility
Toombul – Peninsula Animal Aid in Redcliff
Redbank – Peninsula Animal Aid
Mt Ommaney – Animal Welfare League in Ipswich
Browns Plains – QLD Animal Welfare League
Parkmore – Pets and Paws
Southland – Guide Dogs Association
Rosebud – Hastings Pound
Knox City – Pets and Paws
Corio – Pets and Paws
Tea Tree Plaza – Geelong Animal Welfare
Myer Centre – Guide Dogs S.A
Marion – Guide Dogs S.A
Bondi Boutique – Blind Dogs S.A
Bondi Junction – Sydney Animal Shelter
Penrith – Sydney Animal Shelter
Hornsby – Renbury Farm Animal Shelter
Hurstville – Sydney Animal Shelter
Strathpine - Animal Welfare League
Helensvale – Animal Welfare League
Carindale – Animal Welfare League
Karingal – RSPCA Peninsula animal aid in pearcedale
Greensborough – Cat Protection Society in Greensborough
Epping – RSPCA
Inglefarm – RSPCA
Colonnades – Guide Dogs S.A
Rockingham – Rockingham Dog Pound
Midland Gate – S.A.F.E saving animals from Euthanasia

Groups who would like to send feedback to PRH about their inclusion on this list can reach them at