Thursday, December 15, 2011


Picture of Puck
Sex: Male
Breed: Staffy x Boxer
Age: 12 months old
Colour: Brindle/White
Hair: Short

Puck has begun his adoption trial.

Puck was with Darren in Matraville.

Puck (or Puckleberry Spin) is an absolute sweetheart. He is still very much a puppy, with enthusiasm for life and a very playful nature. Even though he has a bit of energy to burn, he is a bit of a couch potato and doesn't require too much exercise. A thirty/forty minute walk twice a day would be good enough for this boy.

When meeting new dogs, Puck can be a little reactive - but only if the other dog confronts him. Whether there's a bark or not, he has no aggression in him whatsoever, and when introduced properly to others, he will be rolling around playing in less than five minutes. He really is a very happy little guy with a lot of love to give.

Puck is now beginning to undergo some basic obedience training, including walking on the leash properly, sitting, staying, lying down, etc. When he first arrived, he was a big bundle of trouble, and when I started to correct and train him, his eyes lit up - as if nobody had ever taken the time to guide him before. Even when walking, he will regularly look up at you, for guidance. Since he has been given a leader, Puck has settled very well, and is picking up new things as we continue our training. He would make a brilliant companion for most families and, given the opportunity, would be a very loyal family member.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

IMG_0252 IMG_0251 IMG_0258 IMG_0257 IMG_0250 IMG_0246 IMG_0237 IMG_0236 IMG_0227 Puck-3 Puck-4 Puck-5 Puck-6 Puck-7 Puck-1 Puck-2

Check out the videos of Puck.


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