Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Picture of Kyoto
Sex: Female
Breed: Medium Crossbreed (possibly Lab x)
Age: 8 weeks old
Colour: Black/White (Brindle Patches)
Hair: Short

Medical Notes

Kyoto is with Darren in Matraville.

Kyoto is absolutely gorgeous - a little fluffier than her siblings. While the others would play together, she would have a snooze, or attack my feet! Since her siblings have left, she's had to adjust to being the only pup, but it hasn't set her back. If anything, she's showing more and more character as the days go by.

So far we have discovered she doesn't like to be left along for long periods of time but, no puppy does (and also, Kyoto has come from a littler of 12, so it's a drastic change!). Kyoto is a bit of a social butterfly and no matter who you are, two legs or four, she will charge at you with that same goofy smile.

Kyoto will be looking for people that can give her all the time and energy a young pup needs, as well as some training, and teaching her all the things she will need to grow into a well adjusted and happy family member.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

Kyoto9 Kyoto8 Kyoto7 Kyoto5 Kyoto4 Kyoto3 Kyoto2 Kyoto1 IMG_0164 IMG_0169 IMG_0168 IMG_0165 IMG_0163


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