Monday, December 19, 2011


Picture of Ebony
Sex: Female
Breed: Medium Crossbreed (possibly Lab x)
Age: 8 weeks old
Colour: Black/White
Hair: Short

Ebony has begun her adoption trial.

Ebony is with Val in Campbelltown.

Ebony is a gorgeous medium size blend girl (possibly Lab x) who is just so cute. She and her brother are very friendly, playful puppies that are mostly interested in playing, eating and sleeping at this age. Ebony is quiet by nature and very well socialised and healthy as you can see. For 8 week old puppies, they’re well behaved and don’t whine or cry when left alone, they’re too busy playing... or eating... or sleeping.

She’s a confident little girl, a bit more so than her brother and therefore a touch more independent. She still loves her cuddles too, so will come and get hugs regularly and then go off and play again... or eat.

There’s not a lot more to say about such young pups except they are so gorgeous it’s not funny, will grow to be approx medium size and provided they are given a loving, stable home that will be committed to their future training, they will be happy, well adjusted dogs.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

Ebony4 Ebony3 Ebony2 Ebony1 Ebony6 Ebony5


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