Thursday, October 27, 2011


Picture of Axel
Sex: Male
Breed: Mastiff x Bull Terrier
Age: 4 years old
Colour: Tan/White
Hair: Short
Large Size
Medical Notes

Axel is near Richmond.


Axel is the most wonderful dog. He embodies relaxation and is such a chilled out boy, who loves nothing more than snoozing in the sun on a mat. He adores his blanket and is happiest with one around somewhere. Axel is quite happy to chill out in a kennel or in the lounge room, he’s not fussy. He loves other dogs and gets along with cats too.

He loves people, especially men and will get along with everybody, 2 legged or 4 legged, although not fussed with sheep! Axel is polite and well mannered and sooo easy to look after. Even though he is deemed to be a med/lge dog, he’s so easy to deal with and could easily be suited to a first time dog owner. He knows sit, stay and drop and waits for his food, although is very excited and keen to get stuck in! He is great on lead and can be a little strong until he gets used to the routine. Also house-trained and is very polite inside, no chewing or destructive behaviour with this boy, just a real gentleman.

Axel is happiest around a relaxed, easy going environment and is fine with kids, but preferably older kids (8+) and only because he is so relaxed. A full on, noisy environment is really not his cup of tea. He’s not really into playing ball or tug o war but absolutely loves playing chasies...with you or another dog. Axel would do well with a moderately active family who will take him for a good walk every day and I think he’d love the beach / water on a sunny day. Being short coated, he doesn't shed much at all and will definitely need a jacket and a very warm bed in winter. He’s a sun worshiper really and doesn't like to be cold.

He is so sweet natured and so smoochy and unbelievably well mannered and very smart, I can’t fathom how he hasn't been snapped up yet, he’s near perfect.

Seriously, this is one fantastic dog that is waiting for the right family to come along and see what an amazing man he is.

Contact Information
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