Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jessie - Shaggy Hound x

Picture of Jessie
Sex: Female
Breed: Shaggy Hound x
Age: 9 Years Old
Colour: Grey/White
Hair: Shaggy

Medical Notes

Jessie is in Western Sydney .

"Jess is a 9 year old Shaggy Hound Cross (medium sized) who I have been fostering since her previous owner could not care for her any more. I didn't want to burden the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League by allowing her to be surrendered, and she is way too beautiful a girl to be put to sleep, so she has been living with me in Western Sydney since.

She is desexed, microchipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, so she is ready to become part of your family.

Jessie is full of beans and enjoys a good walk daily along with a game of tug-o-war and chasing a stick. Mostly, she just likes being around people - if you are working in the garden, Jess is working in the garden. If you are lying on the lounge, Jess is lying next to the lounge.

She is happy and friendly at the leash free park and lets out a stern bark to any dogs who become a little over bearing. She has been great with my 3 little dogs while living with me, but she will be happiest being an only dog. She is bossy with other dogs around dinner time, so her new owner needs to take that into consideration.

Jessie LOVES cats - for breakfast!!! She will chase after cats, so she will need to go to a cat free home."

Contact Information
If you'd like to adopt Jessie, please contact Zoe directly on 0433327711.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

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