Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alice Needs A Home


I have had Alice for 4 years. She started life (8 weeks old) with a family at Windsor which included young children. From emails to and from that family I understand that Alice was much loved and wonderful with the children.

However, a family crisis apparently occurred, and Alice, aged 2, found herself dumped at the Windsor pound. She was saved from being put down by the Cattle Dog Rescue Association.

When I first saw her she was confined in miserable conditions in an unprotected cage in the bush at Gulgong. I had just lost a much-loved Blue Heeler and thus acquired Alice, and she has been my daily companion ever since. She is intelligent, affectionate and in good health. She is also physically quite strong. She bonds strongly with her family and is very protective and a constantly-alert watch dog; in particular, she displays suspicion of anyone knocking on the door.

She needs a loving but firm hand at times, especially when walking her on the lead.

She is generally well-trained and certainly house-trained. She has spent the whole four years with myself and my wife living and sleeping inside our house, apart from 2 walks a day and spells in the back yard during the day.

I believe she would reward any new owner who is attracted to this breed (as I am) and who showed her love and affection.

Unfortunately, my wife has suddenly become gravely ill (we are each in our mid-70s) and it is likely to be a long and difficult road ahead. As a consequence, either I must find a new home for Alice or take the only alternative (having her put down). If Alice did find a new home and it did not work out I would wish to be notified as I would not want her to suffer by being abandoned.

Alice has never been a problem with children, quite the contrary, and loves my young grandchildren. As to other dogs, generally no problem with males, especially if they are friendly. With some A-type females (Alice being one of those herself) there could be a problem. I think it would very much depend on how she was introduced to the other dog: she usually is better if both dogs are off the lead. She has experienced for very short periods living in a household with other dogs. (Definitely no cats though).”

If you can offer a home to Alice, please contact Peter Moss directly by Email at pjmoss@ozemail.com.au with your contact details.


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