Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alfie - Pug x Cavalier

Picture of alfie
Sex: Male
Breed: Pug x Cavalier
Age: 3 years old
Colour: Tan/Black Muzzle
Hair: Short

Alfie has been adopted.

Alfie is in Lewisham.

Alfie is a wonderful, happy stocky, muscular young dog. All he wants is some love and attention.

When he is left outside during the day, he prefers not sleep on a bed but to sleep in a flower pot, children’s water play table, outdoor table. I think he thinks he is goat sometimes.

He has grown up with 2 children under 4 but I do warn that he can be a little jumpy at first and can knock them down accidently if he is after something behind them. He doesn’t mean to knock them down. Alfie is wonderful with my children and I do trust him. He has no malice in him. He loves a good cuddle or enjoys sitting on you whether you are lying on the sofa or sitting on your chair.

Alfie does get excited with new faces in the house so he does get a little jumpy but eventually calms down. Alfie believes cats should not be seen or heard. He does currently live with 3 cats, which he prefers to harass for fun. So I would suggest that Alfie lives in peace with no cats.

Alfie prefers not to be left alone. He does like human company no matter the size. He has a fair amount of energy but nothing that a long walk or a play in the park wouldn't sort out. He is a good listener and I'm able to take him off-leash at the park. He loves to play in the park and will fetch a ball over and over until he has no energy left.

Alfie is well socialized and friendly but can get excited with any and all breeds of dogs. He thinks other dogs are instantly his playmate and likes to play rumbles, play ball or chase them around the park, whether they're tall or short. He is housetrained but does sometimes have the off accident over night as he sleeps inside on his sofa. He knows when he is going for a walk when his parents put their runners on and get his bag of tricks ready. He can pull hard on his leash when going for walk but does settle down after 5 mins into the walk. He could be ideal for someone who likes to run with their dogs.

Yes he barks when the door bell goes or when he hears noise from people walking past the back garden. So therefore he is a great guard dog for a short dog and will notify you when someone is near.

Alfie eats dry food once a day and all the other scraps that are dropped by the children. He is a great mop and very helpful with young children who like to throw food from their high chairs. The floor becomes spotless. You will be amazed at how he will eat carrots, apples, potatoes etc.

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Alfie1 Alfie2


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