Monday, May 16, 2011


Picture of Miah
Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd x
Age: Young Adult
Colour: Black/Brindle
Hair: Medium

Miah has been adopted.

Miah was with Adrienna at Nth Narrabeen.

Miah is an absolute pleasure to have. She has made a complete transformation from the dog we picked up from the pound just four weeks ago, we could hardly get her to move she was so scared. Miah is becoming more confident every day.

She is very sweet and sookie when we are in the house, and is a whole different dog when we go to our local off leash dog park. She loves to play with all the dogs down there especially those staffies that she can have a good rumble with. She is so funny when she races around waiting for someone to chase her or play tug of war with her too. She has a real puppyish nature when she’s playing bounding around and jumping over small dogs which are in her way. Miah also LOVES the water!

Miah is extremely intelligent she is completely house trained, she sleeps in the house and will wait till she is let out to go to the toilet. She can sit and come on command and is perfect on and off the leash, she is a very loyal dog. Miah is a beautiful girl so we often get comments about how gorgeous and unusual she looks.

Miah is a very sweet gentle natured dog and would be perfect in a family home where she has kids to play with (she loves giving them licks in the face when we bump into them out and about) or with anyone who will love and give plenty of attention to her forever.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

Miah Miah Miah Miah Miah Miah Miah Miah

Check out the videos of Miah.


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