Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Picture of Delta
Sex: Female
Breed: Medium Crossbreed
Age: 18 months old
Colour: Tan/White
Hair: Short


Delta has begun her adoption trial.

Delta was with Adrienna in North Narrabeen.

Delta is a gorgeous puppy with lots of energy. This little houdini is capable of finding very small holes and escaping so a nice big fence would be great to keep her in! Delta is very sensitive and knows exactly when she is in trouble, coming straight to you and rolling onto her back. She can sit so far and is learning (with the added help from Raven) to walk on the lead.

Delta is a smart little girl and is extremely food motivated so she has been quite easy to train, currently learning to lie down, shake and stay. She is good off the lead and will come when called, gets along with all dogs and also takes the opportunity to leap in the water (she is not allowed to be in the water yet due to her desexing stitches) before she gets pulled out! This excitable girl can also be quite calm and she is very trusting, turning to mush in your arms.

Delta is very loving and adorable and would be perfect in any home where she gets lots of love and attention.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta


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