Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poison Baits Eaten In Park

ZENA is the victim of a dog act - an unknown killer who left poison-soaked bait in a park.

Two dogs died on Tuesday after eating poison left in a park in Earlwood in Sydney's west and Zena was left clinging to life.

Police fear a child will be the next victim if the culprit is not found. "This is a seriously dangerous activity, to leave harmful poison in a public park that could end up in the hands of anyone," a police spokesman said.

Owner Susie Griffin described it as the most horrific experience of her life when, moments after her 10-year-old labrador Maggie ingested the blue substance, she began frothing at the mouth and convulsing.

"She was head-butting me and I looked down and she was frothing ... she was pleading with me to help her but there was nothing I could do," a teary Ms Griffin said.

Ms Griffin took Maggie and her partner Penny Gulliver's dog Zena to the park at the end of Glenview Ave on Tuesday for the dogs' daily morning walk. "It was 6.30am, and there was no one else around, so I let them run and Maggie went charging ahead," Ms Griffin said. "When I got to her, she was eating this blue stuff, like fairy floss ... she knew she was being naughty so she ate it really fast."

Moments after pulling the two dogs away from the blue substance, Ms Griffin said the pair became agitated and started coughing.

"Maggie started frothing and then shaking madly ... she was too heavy for me to pick up so I just ran home to get help," Ms Griffin said.

The women bundled both sick dogs into the car and rushed them to a 24-hour veterinary clinic, but it was too late for Maggie who died in the car before they reached professional help.

Another dog, a six-month-old labrador, died later that morning after eating a blue substance in the same park.

Police believe the bait the three dogs consumed was most likely bread soaked in the poison strychnine.

Veterinarian Peter Nicholl said baiting animals was a despicable act and incredibly dangerous.



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