Sunday, February 20, 2011


Picture of Boston
Sex: Male
Breed: Medium Crossbreed
Age: 12 weeks old
Colour: Yellow/White
Hair: Short

Boston has been adopted.

Boston was with Darren in Matraville.

Boston is very laid back compared to his brothers. He doesn't make much noise, he plays nicely, and is a bit of a serial hugger. When the three boys were first rescued, they were very wobbly on their back legs, and it was causing them pain to stand for long periods of time.

Now, however, they dash around the courtyard like it's nobody's business! Boston is normally the one playing referee (as in, he sits and watches, but when there's commotion, he gets right in the thick of it). Saying that, he is also the fastest of the three, and enjoys being chased... as well as getting stuck in plant pots.

Click the photos for larger views (more to come).

Boston Boston Boston


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