Monday, January 31, 2011

On Death Row


DOG owners are being urged to consider the consequences of abandoning their pets after new figures revealed about 1000 dogs a year were impounded in Stirling alone.
Data obtained by the Stirling Times shows more than 2700 dogs have been impounded at the City of Stirling’s Animal Care Facility since the start of 2007.

Almost 450 dogs – or more than 13 a month – were euthanased in that time after failing to be collected by owners or being deemed unsuitable to be re-homed.

About one-third of all impounded dogs were unable to be reunited with their owners.

RSPCA spokesman Richard Barry said that the high rate of stray and abandoned dogs was disappointing.

“It’s of great concern to us that some dogs are simply abandoned for myriad reasons, ranging from a change in location through to a change in financial circumstances,” he said.

“One has to consider what their pet will go through once they have turned their back on it.”

He said a lack of desexing had a “tremendous influence” on the high number of animals needing a home.

Stirling community development director Trevor Holland urged people to be committed to pet ownership before taking on the responsibility of owning a dog.

“The City normally finds that around April each year, the number of dogs that are impounded increases,” he said.

“This may be due to puppies that are bought as Christmas gifts no longer being wanted due to size, temperament and ongoing costs.

“Owning and caring for a pet comes with responsibilities, and these are for the duration of their lives, not just the holidays.”

He said every effort was made to reunite dogs with their owners or find a suitable alternative – but dangerous and restricted breeds were not made available to be re-homed.

Stirling residents who have lost a dog can call the City’s Animal Care Facility on 9345 8555.



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