Friday, January 28, 2011

Milo & Otis Meet Match In Margaret

Milo & Otis

AFTER bonding as strays and being nursed back to health at an animal shelter, Milo and Otis are finally getting a home of their own.

The scruffy terrier cross and her kitten friend captured the hearts of Herald Sun readers when their story was featured three weeks ago.

They amazed carers with their bond, with kitten Otis even suckling from nurturing dog Milo.

They will be adopted by Margaret Woodman, from Gippsland, who said she was shocked to be chosen to care for the loveable pair.

"I was stunned, overwhelmed. I thought, why me, when so many others had wanted them?" Ms Woodman said.

"But they are such beautiful animals and they will be treasured."

The 62-year-old widow, who lost her husband 10 years ago, does not have any other pets and lives alone, a factor taken into account by Pets Haven staff when choosing an owner.

"We really wanted to protect the bond that Milo and Otis have, and we didn't want to threaten that by introducing them to other animals," said spokeswoman Trish Burke.

"There were so many beautiful people who called about adopting the two, and many of them will be disappointed by our decision. But we really felt that Margaret was a special lady."

Ms Burke said she would miss the two animals.

"Milo is such a beautiful dog, she's a very unique and patient animal. She and Otis still slept together on my couch.

"I'm glad to see them going to a good home, but I am going to miss them."



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