Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Squid Deserves A Home



I really should start out with what Squiddles Von Squiddlebutt (not his official name... don't panic) was like when we first rescued him. Constant jumping, crying whenever left alone, always needing attention. He really wasn't that unusual in that respect, a lot of dogs coming from the pound are the same, but with his energy levels, it was like a chipmunk on Red Bull.

He was rescued along with Titan. They hadn't met previously but soon became the best of pals, always playing, and were pretty inseperable. Titan had very bad anxiety issues and needed constant training - but Squid actually helped him in some respects too. Squidley (again, not his official name... sighs of relief all round) became a little bit of a babysitter for Titan. But then, Titan was adopted out, and poor little Squid was left on his Todd. He still had the other dogs for company but you could tell nobody really compared to Titan.

Over time, Squid learned not to jump up, how to sit, lay down, rollover, and how to eathistreatsreallyfastsonobodyelsegetsthem! There's no more crying whenever he's left alone and he no longer seeks out attention... he waits for it. He's made some great dog friends all the while he's been in my care, which is now over two months, but he's seen a lot of them go to their new homes and leave him behind.

He's actually had a bit of interest in him too... but for some reason, it hasn't worked out for him. Either he wasn't what they were expecting or the people just didn't turn up to view him at all.
Don't get me wrong, he loves being here, with my two dogs, and having the time of his life... but it's coming up to Christmas now, and one of my Christmas wishes is for him to find his family. He is such a handsome little boy, so friendly and playful. He's a quick learner who is so eager to please.

He does have a lot of energy but nothing that a big yard and some daily exercise won't work out. He's a bit of a sniffer dog too and actually looks like Samantha from Bewitched a lot of the time, wiggling his little nose, making some magic and having whacky weekly adventures.

So if you've been thinking about getting a small dog, who is quiet, playful, and huggable, consider taking a look at Squidders (again... so many options!). He really is a fantastic little pup who deserves his forever home.


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