Thursday, December 23, 2010



Picture of CometSex: Female
Breed: Small Crossbreed pup
Age: 8 weeks old
Colour: Black/Tan/White
Hair: Short


Pepsi has been adopted.


Pepsi was the bossier of the two when she first came to us, with heaps of confidence, and absolutely fearful. Since then, she's calmed down a lot, and has shown herself to be a great listener and is very obedient. Like her sister, she is very playful, and loves lots of cuddles.

Pepsi has learned to sit and stay and is very quiet... even when rough and tumbling! She gets on great with other dogs and shows no fear of people or dogs. She is a bit of an explorer but never strays too far and is great with recall.

Contact Information

If you'd like to adopt Pepsi, please complete & return our DogMatch form. Send all completed forms to Sonja.


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Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi & Starr Pepsi & Starr Pepsi & Starr


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