Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Picture of LexaSex: Female
Breed: Boxer x Mastiff
Colour: Tan/White
Hair: Short


Lexa has been adopted.


Lexa is obedient and follows general commands (i.e. sit, stay). She is well behaved around food, and shows no food aggression around other dogs, she will sit and wait until she is allowed to eat her food. She is a confident and curious dog who would be well suited to an active family.

Lexa is great with other dogs and enjoys having the constant companionship another dog gives. She is well behaved around cats though sometimes is a bit too curious. She is a bit heavy on the lead at the moment but is improving with the constant training she is receiving. She’s also house trained.

Lexa is a wonderful dog who will be a joy to any family she is adopted into.


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Lexa Lexa


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