Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Donate Items

If you're unable to make a monetary donation but would still like to contribute in some way, here's a list of things you might have lying around, that could really help the dogs in our care:

  • Bedding. Whether it be dog beds, sheets, blankets, towels... it's all needed.
  • Toys. Whether it be a Kong, a dental bone, a tennis ball. Even some cuddly toys that your kid has now outgrown could be great for dog.
  • A crate/carrier.
  • Playpen. It doesn't even matter if it used to be for kids.
  • Leash/Collar.
  • Food. Full on bags of doggie dinner or just some treats. Can't buy them? Maybe you could bake your own?
  • Baby Gates. Sometimes dogs need to be sectioned off from some areas of the house.
  • Grooming Supplies. Shampoo/Conditioner, etc.
  • Flea & Worming treatment. It's amazing how much we all go through when every single dog needs treatment coming out of the pound.
  • Cleaning Products. This is more for the carers than the dogs but the costs can skyrocket after a while and it's something not often taken into account.
There's also people out there who specialise in certain areas of expertise. If you're a Vet, you might donate some of your time to help out a certain number of dogs per month for a discounted rate? If you like putting things together, maybe you could build your own playpen to donate? Even people who love to cook, ever thought of baking some doggie safe biscuits or cupcakes?

All of these things not only help the dogs but they help the foster carer.

None of us are made of money. But some of us are made of some old bedding, toys, leashes, etc. If you think you can help in any way, e-mail us.